Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Our Ruling Machines are very simple and practical construction. Straight Through or Stop Lines are accurate on both sides of paper in one direction in one two or three colours at a time. Rules Straight Through at a speed of eight to ten reams per hour.

Guaranteed of five year for the working of Ruling Machines and replacement as of spare free of cost in case of manufacturing defects.

Can entirely complete with similar machine of any foreign Manufactures German, American or British.     DISC RULING MACHINE
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Ruling Machines are prepared from best Quality raw material and manufactured under severaly strick quality control over accuracy at every stage of manufacture and hence its durable and smooth operation. Ruling Machines are so designed that they need almost no maintenance except periodical LubricationA man a Little experience on paper Ruling Machines will have no difficulty in operating it..

Any body with a little knowledge or study, can be able to set and drive.

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